Quick Tour

How to install?


Download NomenMatch code and put it to a web accessible folder, for example



Download and run solr 4 (http://archive.apache.org/dist/lucene/solr/4.9.1/) with a core using schema.xml and solrconfig.xml in conf/solr-config
(It's should also work with other versions of solr with appropriate adjustment to schema.xml and solrconfig.xml)

Quick start a solr instance compatible to NomenMatch:

How to stop running:

ps aux | grep java
        kill [pid]

That's it!

Set Solr Endpoint URL

Edit conf/solr_endpoint, enter your solr endpoint without trailing newline () nor backslash (/), for example


Import data to solr

Under workspace dir, run

php importChecklistToSolr.php {/path/to/source_data.csv} [source_id]

if [source_id] is empty, "source_data" will be used as the source_id

Source data format

Tab seperated, see workspace/data/example.csv
Column definition: - namecode - accepted_namecode - scientific_name (full name or canonical form is ok) - name_url_id (the id which can be used to create a valid url to a taxon name page) - accepted_name_url_id (the id which can be used to create a valid url to an accepted taxon name page, if the name is a synonym) - family - order - class - phylum - kingdom

Describe source data

Edit conf/sources.example.csv and rename to sources.csv
Column definition:
- source_id - source_name - url_base (when combined with [accepted] name_url_id, it becomes valid url for the taxon, blah blah)
for example, - citation format - source data page - date (of source data fetched, downloaded, or created)

Delete source data in solr

Under workspace dir, run

php clean_source.php {source_id}

To remove a specific source from solr, or run

php clean_source.php all

To remove all sources at once.
If this script doesn't work, usually it means java heap space out of memory. Try to restart solr and then run again.