NomenMatch is a tool for taxonomists to match a set of species names against other sets with certain authority. It returns matched names, ids, usage status, and links to original sources. So not only the matched results, users can also know about differences of name usage among different sources. This is important because we believe that there is no absolute right or wrong, and only different perspectives in taxonomy. This tool provides easily references for taxonomists.


The matching algorithm is derived from taxamatch of Tony Rees, with some adjustment in workflow and parameters. The major change is that NomenMatch can handle trinomial names. We developed our own name similarity calculation function, based on Levenshtein distance and cross-ranked comparison (e.g. species to subspecies and vise versa) to make sure the order of matched results make sense to taxonomists.

Source code

NomenMatch is free software and the source repository is on github


Architecture and development: Jason Mai (Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
UI design and documentation: Cheng-Tao Lin (Dept. of Biological Resources, National Chiayi University, Taiwan)